What You Need to Know Before Sailing in the Mediterranean

What You Need to Know Before Sailing in the Mediterranean

Sailing the mediterranean

Sailing the Mediterranean is basically what dreams are made of. There are beautiful islands, historic cities, amazing food… We could go on and on.

From the Strait of Gibraltar to the Greek Islands, the Mediterranean is easily one of the best places in the world to explore by sea. Rather than hopping on some massive cruise ship though, get a more intimate and memorable experience by jumping on a sailboat.

Finding a Boat

If you happen to have a sailboat yourself, you can completely ignore this section. Most of us dreaming of a summer sailing the Mediterranean though are not so lucky.

In order to sail the Mediterranean, you need to first find yourself a boat. There are a few ways to go about this and each has their own pros and cons.

The best option – you can charter a sailboat.

This is definitely the best option for sailing the Mediterranean. It gives you complete freedom and control over where, when, and with who you travel.

When looking to charter a sailboat, you definitely want to pick a good company. One great option in the Mediterranean would be Vyra.com. The company has over 9,000 beautiful, professionally managed boats for charter, available all around the Mediterranean.

Chartering a sailboat is also a great option if you have a few friends who want to join in the adventure. Splitting a chartered sailboat between a few people makes it much more affordable. Chartered sailboats can also come with crew or “bareboat” if you’d rather sail yourself.

Another option – you can crew on someone else’s boat.

The Mediterranean is filled with everything from tiny sailboats to mega yachts and a lot of these boats need crew. You don’t always need previous experience to land a job crewing a boat, though it helps. Smaller boats might just take you on for the help and company while large yachts usually look to officially hire crew members.

Keep in mind, working as a crew member will let you sail around the Mediterranean but you definitely won’t have control over trip.

When to Go Sailing in the Mediterranean

If you are thinking of sailing the Mediterranean, summer is the best time to go. Spring and fall are also great, depending on what part of the Mediterranean you are visiting.

Sailing the Mediterranean in winter is not impossible but not nearly as enjoyable. The notorious winds of the Mediterranean – Scirocco, Vendaval, Levante, Meltemi, and Gregale – really find their stride in winter. Adding to that, many small seaside towns practically shut down for winter, leaving you with a lot less to do.

Where to Go Sailing in the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean isn’t huge but has many amazing sailing destinations. You can sail from one end to the other seeing history, culture, and incredible nature.

If history and quaint, little seaside towns are your thing, head for the Greek Islands. The incredible blue of the Mediterranean here contrasts beautifully with the whitewashed Greek villages.

To witness the ultimate in luxury, take a sail around the French Riviera or jump over to Italy’s Amalfi coast. This is the land of mega yachts and billionaires but even if you are sailing the smallest boat in the harbor, you’ll get to enjoy the same beautiful seaside towns.

No matter where, when, or how, sailing the Mediterranean is truly an experience not to be missed.

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