5 Luxury Vacations For Your Cultural Bucket List

5 Luxury Vacations For Your Cultural Bucket List

Everyone needs to be a big spender sometimes, especially when it comes to luxury vacations! If you feel like now is the time to splash out on some luxury, these are five places you will definitely want to check out!

1. Live In The Lap Of Luxury In Rome

When it comes to luxury vacations teeming with culture, Rome has to top the list. This ancient city has seen the rise and fall of empires. It has been home to some of the world’s greatest artists. Rome was also immortalized in films like Fellini’s La Dolce Vita and Paulo Sorrentino’s The Great Beauty.

The Italian capital also boasts numerous high-end hotels and restaurants, making your trip there even more enjoyable. Spend your days wandering through the side streets of the Eternal City, then sample Rome’s hedonistic nightlife or serene spas in the evenings.

2. Experience Asian Hospitality and Culture In Cambodia

 When it comes to luxury vacations in South East Asia, it’s no longer just about Thailand. After years of a brutal dictatorship, Cambodia has arrived on the world stage as a top tourist destination.

In this beautiful country, you’ll find stunning ancient temples and wonderful street food. If you’re in Siem Riep, you’ll find plenty of five-star hotels offering stunning rooms, amazing relaxation treatments among other great services.

3. Visit Ireland’s Most Famous Festival In Galway

If you’re in Europe, visit one of the continent’s most famous summer festivals in style! The western city of Galway is Ireland’s cultural hub, and is set to be named the European Capital of Culture in 2020.

The Galway Arts Festival, held in July each year, hosts a myriad of thrilling cultural events. The program often includes traditional Irish music, avant-garde theatre as well as rock superstars like Brian Wilson and St. Vincent.

Consider making it a luxury affair by seeking out accommodation in the G Hotel or Glenlo Abbey.

4. Mix History With Luxury Pampering In Bath, England

Any literary fan will be aware of the city of Bath – it’s where Jane Austen wrote many of her classic novels. Nowadays, it’s an ideal location for a luxury getaway.

Bath does a great job of combining historic splendor with modern-day elegance. In ancient times, the Romans built public baths to get the most out of the hot springs running under the surface of the town. Now, Bath is home to several luxury spa options.

5. Visit Orange County For Cutting-Edge Art

Sun, sea and sand come to mind when we think of Orange County. However, there is much more to this Californian resort area than this.

Head to Los Angeles and take in some of the world’s finest art galleries. ACME, the Kohn Gallery and The Honor Fraser Gallery are some of the best collections of contemporary art in the world. For more intimate spaces, check out M+B or Artspace Warehouse.

Cinema buffs should also take tours of various studios dotted around the Los Angeles area. These studios, most of which are still in use today, tell the fascinating story of Hollywood’s Golden Age.

With an abundance of tourist attractions nearby, it’s also easy to find serene luxury hotels in the Los Angeles area.

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