4 Travel Ideas For A Perfect Employee Engagement Program

4 Travel Ideas For A Perfect Employee Engagement Program

Employee engagement in any company is crucial, especially as work environments and expectations of colleagues. These days, employers should not only treat all staff with respect and dignity, but also reward good performance. One way of creating a great employee engagement program is with Online Rewards Programs.

Travel is a great way to improve employee engagement in your company, as it helps to promote a strong bond between employers and staff. It also helps you to get to know your team outside of the office!

Check out these destinations for the perfect employee engagement program.

1. Choose Outdoor Team Building in Mont-Tremblant, Canada

If your staff often work indoors in a sedentary environment, organizing an outdoor getaway for the team would be great way to encourage employee engagement. Exercise is highly important for both physical and mental health, and Mont-Tremblant in Quebec has plenty of opportunities to get active.

Together, explore the beautiful mountainsides and forests of Quebec’s Laurentian region. Hire some bikes for you and your staff and cycle the P’tit Train du Nord, a flat, linear trail dotted with picturesque villages, restaurants and art galleries. It’s also possible to walk or hike the trail.

If it’s winter, you’re in luck – Mont Tremblant is one of the finest ski resorts in Canada!

In fact, anywhere in Canada is full of things to do outside.

2. Create Employee Engagement With A Volunteer Holiday

One of the best ways to promote employee engagement is to encourage them to give something back. Numerous not-for-profit organizations offer companies the chance to volunteer abroad. Habitat For Humanity is just one great charity that offers this.

Assisting people in need by building houses, helping with computer skills and teaching are all great ways of forging a bond with your team – even if you spend just a week in this destination.

Not only does this simple action help your employee engagement aims, it also improves your company’s corporate responsibility record.

3. Teach Employees The Art Of Mindfulness On A Retreat

Stress and anxiety are more common than ever in the workplace, so a vacation that promotes mindfulness and meditation could be key to building employee engagement on your team.

You could choose to go as far away as Koh Samui in Thailand for an authentic experience of Eastern mysticism. Alternatively, you could seek destinations closer to home – there are plenty to choose from in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and North America.

4. Bond By The Beach In Orange County, California

When it comes to rewarding your employees, it doesn’t get much better than a trip to Orange County, California. Filled with beaches, amazing resorts and lively cities, the Pacific Coast of the United States would be an ideal location for a trip with the team.

If your employees are artistically inclined, bring them to Laguna Beach – an artist’s haven for over 100 years. For a touch more glamour, head to Newport Beach.

Consider booking an all-inclusive resort, with team-building activities to keep your staff entertained. Also give your staff some space to explore the natural and cultural wonders in this region.



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