Taking a long arduous journey on the foot hills is very addictive. The
feeling of completing your trek and reaching at the top of the hill,
breathing in the fresh air and being surrounded by serene nature is
absolutely indescribable.

Trekking is one such adventure that one should definitely experience
once in a life time. So, here are some trekking tips for beginners;

1. Choose an easy trail

Understandably, there is a lot of energy and zeal to explore and
experience one of the best treks of your life, but it is always better
to choose an easy trek to begin with. Complex and difficult trails
are for professionals. So, try taking baby steps and choose easy
trails and eventually go for a tough one

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2. Work on your fitness

Trekking is a strenuous sport that requires a lot of stamina. Once
you start off with your trek, you will notice that will require high
energy levels. Start exercising more often and eat well. Stay
physically fit.

3. Pack well

Make sure you don’t leave any of the travel essentials behind.
Make a list of all the requisites and check them off.

4. Heads up to leech bites

If you are trekking along a damp area, you are sure to be bitten by
leeches, as they are found in mushy areas. However, there is
nothing to worry, leech bites are nothing to fret about. If you see
a leech crawl up your leg, pour some table salt over it and you will
save yourself from a leech bite.

5. Plan well

If you are planning to go on your first trek ever, consult a good
trekking club or a friend who has good experience in this field for
suggestions then plan well and execute your trek

So, choose a destination, pack your bags and leave. Enjoy one of
the most blissful experiences of your life.
After you are back from a long, tiring trek take time to relax.
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