The summer came and it was time for some fun in the sun. I consider myself a nomad, and nomads travel by land, but I couldn’t take that definition to literally and I decided to get of the continent and seclude myself on one of the islands of Greece.

That was going to be tricky dough because Greace has thousands to choose from. I have heard about Zakynthos, in the Ionian sea as a party destination, and that was not quite what I wanted, well not just partying. I decided on Zakynthos because I realized that it really wasn’t just a party destination, it had an air of ancient mystery around it, that I just couldn’t resist.

Named after a hero from the days from before the Iliad, nicknamed The Flower of The East by The Venetians, the journey there by boat made it clear that they were not making a mistake. The water was the kind of perfect blue you thought you could only see in a Caribbean lagoon. The miles of sandy beaches were eclipsed only by the thrill of jumping from a high stone ledge, or diving in one of the many caves. The real way to see the island is by boat, and the only way you can get to some of the most amazing sites, like Navagio bay, with its shipwreck that you learn was a smuggling vessel that had a bad night some decades back, and left the majority of the island smoking and drinking for free, when the contents washed up on shore.

Dose little details you learn are what makes a simple vacation became an adventure. It also helped feel adventurous when some locals enlisted my professional help to write a couple of lines of code, claiming it was for the purpose of tweaking the performance of their local bar computer. It took about two seconds for me to realize that was not the case. In the Greek cafe stepped in the biggest Greek I saw, who was the owner of the place, and which computer I was in the process of hacking for the purpose of a prank that his employees were setting up. He started shouting in Greek and bad English before I could explain that I wasn’t going to help them. The guys ran like the wind and jumped a small hedge, and I followed and jumped on my rented motorcycle, but he chooses to pursue me.

So he chased me across the island, and as soon as a could I got off the road and on to a remote beach, left the bike and made for the water, confident in my swimming skills. He was big and quite fat so finally, he gave up. I was swimming to the other end of the beach, happy to have escaped then something brushed against my leg, terrified I looked in the water to see what it was, and thankfully it was a friendly Loggerhead sea turtle, protected on the island by Law. A whole bunch of them actually.

Diving and swimming with my new friends I took a break from humans who had just put me in a crazy position to be in, but a huge smile was on my face the whole time, feeling never more adventures.