Don’t Be a Travel Bore – What NOT to Do When You Return Home From Travelling

Don’t Be a Travel Bore – What NOT to Do When You Return Home From Travelling

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So, you’re finally heading home after your travels abroad. You’re feeling more cultured, worldlier, more experienced, and you can’t wait to share it with everybody. However, the problem with heading home after an extensive time abroad, is that even though you might have changed as a person, things at home probably won’t have. And those anticipating your arrival at the airport won’t expect you to have changed too much either…

If you’re worried about being able to relate and tell your travelling tales without sounding too snobbish or boastful then read on, and don’t worry, you won’t be expected to hide your travel journal or keep your holiday prints and mementos in a drawer out of sight – click here for some canvas print inspiration.

Don’t Go On and On About It

You don’t have to start every sentence with “when I was travelling”, even though it might be tempting. Yes, you had an incredible time and you have every right to share it with those you love. But people tend to respond better to pictures and quick anecdotes rather than an hour long ramble about ancient ruins, or a particularly nice meal you ate in Thailand. Remember that not all of your experiences will be as interesting as you think they might be; you shouldn’t feel obliged to describe every aspect of your travels, keep something back to tell the grandkids one day.

Don’t Run Away with Your New Perspectives

One of the best things about travelling abroad is the exposure to authentic dishes, famous sights, traditional practices and different perspectives, and that usually goes hand in hand with reassessing your own choices and outlook on life. You may have a newfound appreciation for coffee and where it comes from, you might be shocked at our plastic use and our effect on the planet. This is a great outcome of travel, but that doesn’t mean your friends or family want to be lectured on their life choices.

Think twice before you express your disappointment at your mum when she buys plastic bottles of water at the supermarket. Or if your brother orders a drink with a plastic straw. Turn your experiences in a positive – if plastic pollution is something that really opened your eyes while you were travelilng then organise a local beach or park clean up. Got a new found appreciation for wine? Go visit a local vineyard with your friends! Involve them in your new found perspective and they’ll appreciate it more.

Remember How Lucky You Are

Not everyone is lucky enough to travel the world. Whether it be for financial, family, health or personal reasons – it’s not easy for everyone to head overseas. Bare this mind when you’re expressing your love of travel, think twice before you tell your new colleague that they should “get out of the country more” and they’re “missing out”. Use your knowledge of travelling to everyone’s advantage; why not document your travel journey via a blog? Giving advice and helpful tips is a great way to share the incredible expedition you’ve experienced.


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