Dortmund may be a Mecca for soccer fans, but it’s also a vibrant, artistic and cultural city. Packed with cutting-edge galleries, stunning medieval architecture and exciting street style, it’s a hidden gem that’s waiting to be discovered.

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Here are 5 tips for your next trip to this German city amazing.

1. Explore The Historical Heart Of Dortmund

Dortmund was a powerhouse of industry in the 19th century, but its rich history goes right back to medieval times.

Head to Alter Markt, the historical center, and appreciate the beautiful Rathaus, or city hall. From there, walk the short distance to St. Reinold’s Church, the oldest extant church in the city. Don’t forget to stop by Altes Stadhaus, a stunning Neo-Renaissance style office building that survived the turbulence of World War II.

2. Visit Dortmund’s Fantastic Art Galleries

If you’re looking for some great art, head straight to Dortmunder U. This former brewery has been converted into a captivating cultural space and gallery. It also houses the Museum Am Ostwall, a three-storey gallery filled with the best of 21st century art.

Hoping for some free art? Dortmunder U’s exhibitions outside the museum are often open to the public at no charge.

For more artistic inspiration, check out the Museum of Art and Cultural History and Hartware MedienKunstVerein

3. Go See A Borussia Dortmund Match

No visit to Dortmund is complete without checking out the city’s world-famous soccer team! If you’re in town for a match, get a ticket for a game at the local Westfalenstadion.

Dortmund have been the local soccer team of choice since they were founded in 1909. More recently, they have attained worldwide recognition with their improved performances on the pitch.

Live like a Dortmunder and chant with the fans in the stands!

4. Check Out Dortmund’s Creative Fashion Scene

Milan and Paris may boast the most haute-couture fashion houses in Europe, but Dortmund is fast becoming an unlikely style influencer.

Bloggers like Zwillingsnaht (meaning “twin seam”) are regular documenters of the city’s street style. Their understated, modern style will cause serious fashion envy among anyone sartorially inclined.

In fact, Dortmund hosted an international street style convention earlier this year.

5. Taste A Traditional German Beer

You can’t visit a German city like Dortmund and not sample a locally-brewed pint! The city is famous for its Dortmunder Export – a pale to golden lager with a clean character and slightly malty taste.

Head to one of the city’s fantastic bars too. The modern Linie 403, made from a converted tram,  is particularly impressive. For a more laid-back brewpub experience, go to Wenkers Brauhaus Am Markt.

If you want to learn more about the process of brewing beer, visit the local brewery museum, which regularly holds tours.

Are you more of a gin fan? Choose from a variety of gin options at Balke, a small distillery pub that is phenomenally popular with locals.