If you browse the online catalog of a medical cannabis site, no one will blame you for
thinking it looks like a fashion fad. You may get a mental image of social climbers
ordering Beverly Hills marijuana delivery and posting unboxing videos of their trendy
haul. If the lists of organic ingredients don’t scream “aspirational,” the celebrity
endorsements will. There is even a cannabis product called Whoopi and Maya bath
Don’t let the marketing fool you, though. People have been using medical cannabis
to treat chronic conditions for years. Ask anyone who was using medical cannabis
before it became legal, and they will tell you. The claims that cannabis cures cancer
are obviously hype, but what benefits does cannabis have for cancer patients?

Cannabis Relieves the Symptoms of Cancer, Not the Cause

Many cancer survivors will tell you that cannabis made the disease and its treatment
much more bearable. Cannabis is effective at relieving anxiety, nausea, and pain, all
of which are associated with cancer and cancer treatments. Taking cannabis products
reduces the pain that patients feel during the long recovery from surgery. It also
stimulates appetite, which makes it easier to recover from the side effects of
immune-suppressing chemotherapy drugs.

Antioxidant Effects of Cannabis

The term “antioxidant” refers to any compound that protects cells from DNA damage.
Vitamins A, C, and E are well-known antioxidants. The cannabinoids in cannabis may
also have an antioxidant effect. This does not mean that they single-handedly
destroy tumors. Rather, similarly to many other plant-based foods, they may protect
the body from cell damage that can lead to neoplasms, including malignant tumors.
It is an oversimplification to say that cannabis stops the growth of tumors. It is better
to regard it as just another wholesome plant-based food.