About me

JohnAs a kid, my friends always called me ‘Talented Mr. Ripley’ after the movie about a serial killer… In reality, I’m a simple enough bloke with a passion for art and music. I am a traveling artist on a round-the-world trip to visit tribes and nomadic groups and learn about disappearing musical and visual arts. I graduated with joint honors in fine arts from Yale and ran a successful gallery for a while before deciding that art needs to be experienced, not sold, and hitting the road in the hopes of honing my craft. Follow my journey as I learn about bamboo tattooing in the Philippines, street graffiti in Colombia, and ancient painting rituals in Africa.

There’s only so much we can learn about art from books and lectures, and for me, I find that you need to experience it through yourself, in the real world. Art is not an exact science and the definition of it, what it means is different from person to person. This is why I decided to embark on this journey, to find my own definition of art, and maybe, to get lost in it.