4 Perfect Road Trip Locations In North America

4 Perfect Road Trip Locations In North America

From snow-capped mountains to sunny seashores, North America continues to enthrall and fascinate visitors from across the world. With so many diverse cultures and landscapes throughout the continent, a road trip in the US or Canada is a must.

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1) Witness Canadian Wilderness In British Columbia

After the Canada 150 celebrations throughout 2017, Canada is on a high. As such, there’s never been a better time to take a road trip in British Columbia.

Head south towards the U.S. border along the Okanagan Valley. This 250km-long drive takes in the area’s famous grapevines and vineyards. Stay for a night in Penticton and take the opportunity to visit some of the local wineries.

To get even closer to nature, travel to the islands of Haida Gwaii. Infused with the heritage and myths of the indigenous Haida tribe, this area is filled with ancient totems and beautiful rainforests.

2) Relive Retro American Culture With A Route 66 Road Trip

If you’re yearning for an authentic experience of 1950s Americana, a drive along Route 66 is the road trip to take!

Literary aficionados will be in for a treat. Route 66, often called the Main Street of America, has links to books like On The Road, Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas and The Grapes of Wrath.

Stretching from Chicago to the Pacific Ocean, drivers will also see hundreds of sides to American life. From stunning skyscrapers to eerie ghost towns, this road trip has everything the curious visitor would want to see.

History buffs should get to Seligman, Arizona, where the Snow Cap Drive-In diner provides a portal to this road’s thriving past.

3) Take A Road Trip Along The Californian Coast In Orange County

Surfing fanatics will be spoiled for choice on an Orange County road trip. Huntington Beach is the ideal location for some challenging waves, as well as other active pursuits like biking and yoga.

Meanwhile, art lovers tend to gather around Laguna Beach, a vibrant, creative colony packed with art galleries and delicious seafood restaurants.

Relive the heyday of the hit show “The O.C” by visiting its location, Newport Beach. This classy side of Orange County is a great shopping destination, boasting luxury designer brands as well as high-street regulars. Newport Beach is also ideal for fine dining – save your pennies by using Avis Car Rental Coupons and splash out on a great meal

4) Explore The Atlantic Coast In Nova Scotia

If you’re looking for a more secluded, intimate road trip, Nova Scotia is the perfect option. Prince Edward Island National Park is a must-visit, featuring soft sands and a distinct lack of tourist rush.

Park the car briefly and take to the island’s numerous bike paths and pedestrian trails. You’ll also be spoiled with stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean, traditional lighthouses and unspoiled coastline.

Visitors fascinated with wildlife will also be thrilled to see puffins, seas and even whales along the shores of Canada’s smallest province.

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