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Favorite Destinations

It is such an amazing and beautiful world out there, it’s so hard to choose a favorite place or destination. But when you get to a place, and you feel that certain something inside you just know, this place is special to me. Here are some of my special places.


The Balkans

This South East European peninsula just can’t get out of my mind, and travel plan. The amazing diversity of the nature, food, people and events of such originality and ruggedness is hard to find.


Was it because of the scenes of rural Sicily from the Godfather or the pizzas I enjoyed from childhood, albeit a cliché, I love Italy and everything about it.


The land of ancient heroes and the greatest story ever told by mankind, but also a country at the forefront of a digital and lifestyle revolution, it’s unprecedented for having so many amazing things to see in such a small space.


Favorite photo

This small window into a life of a destination is what I look for in my travel photos, it’s all about the essense.

Discover new places with me

Let’s take a step together outside the familiar into the new, reach for that horizon, look for amazement and inspiration. That is the creed and motto of the nomadic adventurer.

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Have a destination for me? Want me to write about some new horizon and adventure? Drop me a line. I am always looking for the next big backpacking tour and new sensations and inspirations. Traveling is also about making friends and always new contacts. To get in touch with me please use the form below and don’t be a stranger.


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