My name is John Ripley, and if my name sounds familiar, that’s because you’re old enough to remember a movie called ‘Talented Mr. Ripley’. After achieving what was expected of me by standard social norms, I decided that there is more to life than following a path many others walked before me. This is my journey on my own path.

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Ever wanted to see the world? Let my blog be an inspiration on your very own journey of discovery.

It is such an amazing and beautiful world out there—it’s so hard to choose a favorite place or destination. But when you get to a place, and you feel at home, you know that place is special. These are some of my favorites.


Bogotá, Colombia

Even though graffiti are now legal in Bogotá, a tragedy that happened in 2011 represents a turning point in this suburban culture. Today, there are more than 10,000 active graffiti artists in Bogotá, and graffiti art is now considered a cultural practice.

New York

The Chelsea Gallery New York City

Free and New York aren’t the words you often find together in the same sentence, and this also mind surprise some of our Big Apple readers. The Chelsea Gallery district is a home to Metropolitan Museum of Art, with astounding exhibitions, and it’s always free.


East Side Gallery, Berlin

The longest standing portion of the wall is now a free museum created on the remnants of the Berlin wall, one of the greatest symbols of division in European history. Today, more than 100 artists use it as a place to exhibit their art and talk about freedom and liberty through it.

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